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FREE solar canopies

Why are solar structures a smart choice today?

solar canopies
  • Provide comfort and convenience for golfers : with the rising of global temperatures, the shade and absorption of the sun’s heat from solar canopies will keep vehicles cooler but also offer shelter in case of bad weather (rain, snow, hail).
  • Generate green energy and reduced your carbon footprint
  • Is your driving range close to the parking lot ? You can also finance a brand new driving range using solar canopies !

Need electric vehicle charging stations ? We also have what you need !

300 kWc ≤ Power < 500 kWp
(between 80 and 140 parking spaces )

  • Fully covered by the developer
  • Carrying out all administrative procedures by the developer
  • Provision of solar canopies at the golf course by the developer who is the sole operator and owner

Power 500 kWp
( 140 parking spaces )

  • Coverage of investment costs by the developer up to 500 kWp, or 140 covered spaces
  • Possibility for the golf course to invest in the solarization of the remaining places. The property and the income in self-consumption and/or resale resulting from these works belong to him in full.
  • Operation of these solar canopies offered as an option by the developer for an amount indexed to the turnover generated by the plant
  • Management of procedures and construction entirely supported by the developer until commissioning

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