While being paid €500excl.tax., per parking space and per year, increase the attractiveness of your golf course by providing quality service to electric vehicle drivers. Terminal equipped with payment by credit card, fast charging in 20 minutes, just enough time to have a drink at the clubhouse or hit a bucket a the driving range. In addition, golf becomes visible on electric vehicle charging apps !


  • Type of terminal : Power strip (for any electric vehicle), super charger (20 min for an 80% charge)
  • Number of terminals : Between 4 and 8 per golf course, depending on the location of the golf course
  • Constraint : Car park accessible 24/7 without barrier
  • Visibility of stations : On Chargemap (reference app) + Integration into car GPS
  • Electrical connection : Dedicated and specific (does not depend on existing installations)
  • Complete support by Atlante : Sizing, authorizations to be obtained, request for dedicated connection, installation of terminals, civil and electrical engineering work
  • Installation time : 6 to 9 months




  • Price : Completely FREE
  • Remuneration : 500€ excl. tax / year / parking space paid at the golf course

This offer applies only to our partner golf courses.